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Sister of Victim
"Killing another person doesn’t bring justice to anything." READ THE FULL STORY
Daughter of Victim
"Why does revenge trump everything else?" READ THE FULL STORY
Grandson of Victim
"Instead of continuing to use the death penalty, I think the best thing we can do is focus on what families actually need in the aftermath of a murder." READ THE FULL STORY
Jef Lucero
Son-in-law of Victim
"I've observed that that death penalty is typically reserved for individuals who are marginalized in our communities: racial minorities and people with less income." READ THE FULL STORY
David Pierce
Retired Judge
"The fundamental unfairness of the process motivated me to change my mind." READ THE FULL STORY
Judge David Nichols
Retired Prison Warden
"I can easily say it’s a waste of taxpayer money." READ THE FULL STORY
Dick Morgan
Retired Judge
"I do not think the current system can be reformed. The death penalty needs to be abolished in favor of life in prison without the possibility of release." READ THE FULL STORY
Judge Sharon Armstrong
Sister of Victim
"Once I began to peel away the anger, the frustration, grief and fear, and what the entire process did to our family, I no longer had reason to support the death penalty." READ THE FULL STORY
Karil Klingbeil
Sister of Victim
"For us, [life in prison] was enough punishment that we didn’t need to take their lives to feel good about justice." READ THE FULL STORY
Cindy Domingo
Retired Police Chief
"There is no way to know for certain how many innocent people have been put to death." READ THE FULL STORY
Sister of Victim
"Billions of dollars are wasted prosecuting capital cases while cold cases go unfunded and victims’ services are cut." READ THE FULL STORY
Judy Kerr
Sister-in-law of Victim
"Having had someone in my family murdered caused me to really think even deeper and ask, ‘what does the death penalty accomplish?" READ THE FULL STORY
Debbie Regala
Corrections Official
"Working in the criminal justice business for 35 years has made me realize how obscenely expensive capital punishment is." READ THE FULL STORY
Cly Evans
Mother of Victim
"I just think ending the death penalty is the right thing to do." READ THE FULL STORY
Anne St. Germain
Washington needs safe and just alternatives to the death penalty.